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CARLA GARLASCHI (aka ✧Princess Prada✧)

Latinx reggaeton artist, video and meme maker based in London and Stockholm


Carla Garlaschi (b. Chile) is a visual artist, writer and performer currently working in London and Stockholm. She holds a Bachelor in Arts from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an Master in Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm. In her work, she deals with regionally specific entertainment genres, such as telenovela and reggaeton, as grounds for syncretism or social friction.

As a reggaeton artist she released The Princess Prada EP (2018). She is part of Cherish Label a Stockholm-based independent platform releasing music by people identifying as women/non- binary. Musically, she has collaborated with producers Talisto, HABIB1, Imaabs, Wannabe and Shiroi Kitsune. In 2020-2021, Olivia Berkowicz and Carla Garlaschi are working towards a reiteration of the happening Quinceañera, which reflects on regional pop choreographies and queer liminality as dissident gatherings.

Her work has also been shown at FLAWA launch, London (2020), Drag Baby, London (2020), Norbergfestival (2019), Way Out West, Sweden (2019), Survival Kit Festival 10.1 Riga (2019), Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm (2019), Gallery Weekend Stockholm (2019), Mediterranean Museum, Stockholm (2019), Index, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm (2018), Galería Departamento 21, Chile (2017), Azores Contemporary Arts Centre (2017), Alma/Market Art Fair, Stockholm (2017), IX Biennial of Contemporary Art SIART, Bolivia (2016), Kiosko Galería, Bolivia (2015), and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile (2015).

Reviewed by C-print Art Journal, Rotunda Magazine, AIOLOS, AQNB. Among other recognitions, she has received Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s working grant (2018), The Foundation for Studies of Japanese Society (2018) and an Artistic Research Grant from the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (2015).