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 CARLA GARLASCHI (aka ✧Princess Prada
hyper-latinpop artist girlfriend-experience daddy Y2K flow narrative hybrid auto-fiction gossip

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Carla Garlaschi aka Princess Prada
(b. Chile) Moves through the roles of fiction writer, performer, visual, soundmeme artist and pop singer. Currently working between London, Stockholm, and Santiago de Chile. She deals with globalized Latin American media genres as imaginary grounds for social transformation. Her cosmology could be described as an elastic telenovela where art world glitterati, cultural workers and academics see their core beliefs questioned by the drive of desire, unexpected empathy, social friction and fantastic events.

Her work has been shown at TATE Modern, London (2022), Club Quarantine (2020), FLAWA, London (2020), Drag Baby, London (2020), Norbergfestival (2019), Way Out West, Sweden (2019), Survival Kit Festival 10.1 Riga (2019), Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm (2019), Mediterranean Museum, Stockholm (2019), Index, The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm (2018), Valeria - The Vagina Consultancy, Stockholm (2018), Galería Departamento 21, Chile (2017), Azores Contemporary Arts Centre (2017), Market Art Fair, Stockholm (2017), IX Biennial of Contemporary Art SIART, Bolivia (2016), Kiosko Galería, Bolivia (2015), and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile (2015).

Musically, she has released the pop songs La Cama (2017), The Princess Prada EP (2018), MONEY MONEY (2019) and Hater (2021). She has collaborated with producers Talisto, HABIB1, Shiroi Kitsune, Imaabs, Wannabe, Gabriel Gassi. She is part of Cherish Label a Stockholm-based independent platform releasing music by people identifying as women/non-binary.

Among other recognitions, she has received the Chilean National Fund for the Development of Culture and the Arts (2021), the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s working grant (2021) and (2018).