โœงโœงโœงโœงโœง UPCOMING EVENTS โœงโœงโœงโœงโœง                                                TATE Exchange, London โ€˜Working Disobedience from Latin Americaโ€™ org. Latin Elephant                                                       Fundaciรณn Francis Naranjo, Canary Islands, Spain                                                                                    

CARLA GARLASCHI (aka โœงPrincess Pradaโœง)

Latinx artist working with TV formats

2017, the Princess Prada project initiated (fka Dolce) with the steamy single La Cama produced by Talisto. Since the very begining lyrics portrait the hassles and intrigues of a flamboyant Latin American art scene obsessed with getting somewhere in the international contemporary art scene. A voice that talks of crappy day-jobs, filling out art forms, vertical vs/ transversal love relations of a sapiosexual leaning towards the horizontal. 

2018, with the relaease of The Princess Prada EP produced by HABIB1, Princess Prada becomes part of Cherish Label a Stockholm-based independent platform for music written & produced by people who identify as women/trans.

2019, she releases the single MONEY MONEY.

2020, collaborators are Wannabe, Shiroi Kitsune and Imaabs.