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 CARLA GARLASCHI (aka ✧Princess Prada
hyper-latinpop artist girlfriend-experience daddy Y2K flow narrative hybrid auto-fiction gossip

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MusiC   WritingS    PresS   MemeS   BiO   ContacT 


Ph: Joseph Campbell and Zenhofer.

Is the stage persona of Carla Garlaschi, a pop music experiment grown organically in a tangent to her project Telenovela: Hijacking and Autonomy in the Neo Baroque World.

In the same line, Latin American labeled entertainment products -in this case music and specifically reggaeton- is used by Princess Prada as a vehicle to portray or address matters related to contemporary art.

This music project will also provide a soundtack to Carla Garlaschi’s telenovelas. Lyrics portray the hustles and intrigues of a flamboyant Latinx art crowd obsessed with taking space in a global contemporary art scene.

Princess Prada sounds departs from a steamy dystopian reggaeton with Talisto, drift to a heavy-bass elasticity with HABIB1 and holds on to brutalists buildings with Imaabs. She is currently collaboating with WANNABE, Rayo, Gabriel Gassi and Joe Campbell. 

Princess Prada is part of Cherish Label a Stockholm-based independent platform for music written & produced by people who identify as women/trans.

Norbergfestival (2019) 

Club Quarantine (2020)